Dirty Dealings by another Dirty State


Your solar power should be costing you nothing and any extra should be sold to the power-grid at the same cost to the power companies that they are charging their customers?

Well DUH!

So what is this that you are about to read?

This is what happens when voters allow their politicians to be bought by big business!

The politicians that we have been voting back into office are still being bought and why not, we just keep voting them back into office to keep being bought?

Can anyone else see the insanity in this?

“Indiana Solar Bill Crafted By Utilities Sparks Outrage, Raises Costs

Large utilities and state legislators in Indiana have joined together to push for a bill that undermines state oversight of the electric utility industry and makes distributed and rooftop solar less appealing to consumers. HB 1320, proposed by state Rep. Eric Koch (R), would lower the amount of money solar customers get for selling excess power back to the grid while also allowing utilities to add a fixed monthly charge to solar users’ bills, as well as interconnection fees.”



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