Your eyes are not deceiving you an Organic battery for use in storing power from wind and solar powered units for when the wind is calm and the sun I not shining.

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A safe and economical way to store wind and solar energy is needed before clean energy can take off.

We may have a break through.

And for


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How long will it take before our powers to be can find a way to squash this battery?

After all Raid and Round-up will not do the trick?


Organic battery that is more efficient and inexpensive in storing long-term wind energy.

Eliza Grinnell/Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Power plant. Organic molecules nearly identical to ones found in rhubarb are the key ingredient in a new “flow” battery.

‘Rhubarb’ Battery Could Store Energy of Future

A molecule nearly identical to one in rhubarb may hold the key to the future of renewable energy. Researchers have used the compound to create a high-performance “flow” battery, a leading contender for storing renewable power in the electric utility grid. If the battery prototype can be scaled up, it could help utilities deliver renewable energy when the wind is calm and the sun isn’t shining.


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