Rubio’s firm stance–Sort of?

Marco Rubio clarifies climate change stance – sort of

Then came the Famous “Margo Rubio Political Dance?”

Sen. Marco Rubio offered up a confusing take on environmental policy Tuesday, after declaring in a weekend TV interview that he did not believe “human activity” is causing dramatic climate change.

In an appearance at the National Press Club, the Florida Republican clarified that he believed climate change was real, but he danced around the central issue of whether it was caused by carbon emissions, as the overwhelming majority of scientists have concluded.

“Headlines notwithstanding, of course the climate is changing, because the climate is always changing,” Rubio said.

Then things took a bizarre turn. Rubio said he objected to “cap and trade” legislation designed to reduce emissions – not because such reductions were unnecessary, but because he thought other countries wouldn’t follow suit with similar legislation of their own.


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