Free water and electricity

Florida and California officials should be ashamed of themselves

Florida, as with California and many other states and countries of the world for that matter, should have an abundance of clean drinking water, clean streams and rivers as well as totally free electricity?

My question is, why not?


Now that I have your attention I am going to write about what I know personally while keeping places like California, been there twice to see the waves, you can read and place your area between the lines because it fit everywhere.

If you are not directly connected to waves as with every state up and down the east coast and west cost of so many countries standby I got you covered!

I dare any public official of a state or country along side of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean to walk out into those waves and not get dragged out into the ocean or knocked over because of the constant waves and undertow!

If you can, you must lose a lot of weight because you are not healthy.

Point being of course, we must break the bonds of

“dinosaur power companies and their puppets, our politicians”

and start using this

“Free Wave Energy!”

Wave energy to power states and countries plus to draw sea water to a fresh water distillery (desalination).

The following is just to give an example.

Our first move must be to stop handing over free tax money to those hundreds of thousands of fuel hungry, antiquated, dinosaurs by our politicians called

“Power Companies!”

We are giving them Billions and billions of dollars each year, for what?

For doing jobs for their company that any other company would have to spend their own money doing!


Scratch those Canadian pipelines coming into our country, we will have no more use of them!

We already have the technology and many forms of ‘Wave Generators’ so start dropping them in the oceans up and down the east and west coast and start using them today?

A few wave generators to each of those states will handle all of their states electricity with left over.

Many generators and each state can sell (cheap electricity to their neighboring states, a lot cheaper then it cost today).


Shut down those oil and gas refineries and use the tax money we are now handing to them for free and build more fresh water distillery (desalination) instead.


Stop all fuel pipelines, trains and trucks in the country and instead build fresh water pipelines and if necessary truck and train fresh water?


While we are installing these new pipelines from west to east and from east to west, install underground piping for electricity alongside and ‘take down those ugly power grids and install solar/wind if needed?

Why is this not being done today?

Because ‘Big Business’ cannot find a way to milk you of your hard earned money and politicians will need to find an honest way to make a living!

This will take a lot of voters like you and me but just think about it?


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