9 Investigates cattle operation groundwater permit

9 Investigates cattle operation groundwater permit

Former environment protection Attorney Christopher Burr has shown that the district’s math was way off

(St Johns River Management District)!

(check was spent months ago)

double the amount is already being pumped out of the spring.

It would seem that there is only two ways to save our soon to be depleted Florida Aquifer.

1- Dress this, Crooked nine member St Johns River management District up as Black Bears buy a $100.00 permit and send them out into our Ocala National Forest on October 23rd!



Dump their boss and hire anyone not on the “TAKE!”

Listen to this,

When Christopher Heath an investigative reporter at WFTV asked An un-named spokesman of the St Johns River Management District Members if the district was going to look back at the permit as requested by Republican State Senator Darren Soto,

this no name coward answered,

“NO, because there still is water out there!”


So, as long as people keep the jingle coming this district will keep selling?


One of the primary duties of Florida’s water management districts is to ensure that any water use permits they grant are

‘consistent with the public interest.’

In the case of the permit St. Johns just issued on behalf of Sleepy Creek Lands,

“It is anything but,”

Sen. Darren Soto (R – Orange County) wrote in a letter to SJRWMD.

Soto is calling on St. John’s to revisit the permit.

The water management district said it has no intention of reviewing or reversing the decision.

“We’re going to take a step back and look at this over the committee process,” said Soto.

“The permit has been issued but now we have to look at what is best overall for Silver Springs.”

Soto said he is troubled by the connection between the new 30,000-acre cattle ranch and another business owned by Stronach.

Stronach owns a slaughterhouse in Ocala, which was recently granted $1.2 million in tax breaks.

The permit in question will allow a cattle operation at the Sleepy Creek, owned by Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach,

to draw 1.46 million gallons of water from the Florida Aquifer.

Why would a Canadian Billionaire get a $1.2 million in tax breaks in Florida and then get permission to at least 1.4 million gallons of our water a day onto his new 30,000-acre cattle ranch?

M O N E Y in their P O C K E T’S!


Canadian billionaire Rancher Frank Stronach has get another 1.5 million gallon permit pending!

Four senior staff resign from water management district–May 8, 2015

These four should also be fitted with Bear suits!



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