The High One


To show my deep love and respect for my brothers and sisters in the great state of Alaska

and a heartfelt Taw-But-Ni (Thank-you) to our president,

the president of these United States of America,

President Barack Obama,

I feel the need to write something at this time.

As you my friends and followers know, I do not often write about things outside of my ancestors teaching however, this is a name change back to and the respect of their ancestors in and around Alaska.

The name is being changed back from the name of a white president back to the name of one of Mother Earths many beauties!

Mt. Denali (The Great One).

I am going to leave it at that and ask you to read a blog from a person you and I have grown to love?


She has the Shawnees Blood, studied Anthropology in college and for many, many years has proven her love for all endangered species including Native People of this country, even me?

Sometimes ? 🙂 ❤

Changing Alaska–Posted on August 31, 2015


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