Pope Frances set to speak to congress

A Humble Pope, Challenging the World.

His humble persona has made him immensely popular, a smiling figure plunging into crowds at St. Peter’s Square.

He speaks in deeply personal terms about people discarded by the global economy, whether refugees drowned at sea or women forced into prostitution.

His blistering critiques of environmental destruction have seized the world’s attention.

But he is also an inscrutable tactician whose push to change the church has stirred anxiety and hope — and some skepticism.


Now he is heading towards the Congress of the United States of America!

And Congress invited him?

To a Christian, wouldn’t that be something like the ‘anti-Christ’ inviting “Jesus Christ” to the whole world and challenging him to prove that he, the anti-Christ is wrong?


I know, I know small scale but still if the shoe fits?


Of course, as you can see, the pope is also following ‘Proper Etiquette’ and visiting the White House and President Obama First!

He is also visiting Cube and visiting Cuba first!

Pope Francis heading for Havana in first leg of reconciliation tour


You can bet your booties on the fact that he will be talking and maybe even praying about Global Warming and how come it is happening, Immigration, Poverty and making waves about the Environment and why we are constantly ignoring and destroying it?

And we invited him!



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