Alternative Energy Vehicles

Good afternoon neighbor in Weirsdale Florida

And welcome to one of our websites about

Alternative Energy Vehicles

To be honest my new friend, I have not been back to this site to post in quite some time, the posting must be done on this site by my webmaster.

As long as you are visiting you might have noticed the drop in the price of polluting fuel and the number of newer style Energy Efficient Vehicles?

Do not fall for the oil & gas companies attempt at swaying you back to energy wasting, polluting, dinosaur, monsters!

And do not fall for so called alternative vehicles made by these same oil & gas companies that are extremely over prices with parts that will need constant replacing and also extremely over priced?

This country should be making solar electric vehicles with sola batteries and solar panels and solar charging stations for the road and for homes in our own factories, Made in the USA!.

Alternative Energy Vehicles

This government (all three branches) will not do this because their puppeteers (super-packs) and they have yet find a way to milk your pocketbook!


Puppets- government (all three branches).


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