Orange County landfill smell costly to correct


Jim Becker, “Orange county Solid Waste Manager,” is so perplexed?


I am going to write about this once again.

When the answer is so close, those very same experts stumble over it while looking for their expensive answers?

On thousands of projects costing hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars?

Orange county Florida Smelly landfill has a new neighbor,


Nuclear power plant with-in walking distance!

That’s right people, a Nuclear Power Plant was built as a next-door neighbor!

Let’s forget about the fact for a moment that both should-A, could-A, would-A, been built as a combination of power plants while building the nuclear plant?

However now we already have power cables running someplace to power something like maybe a city?


Building a waste to power plant and tying them together to run on those same power lines, would cut your nuclear power electric bills by at the very least 1/2, eliminate the smell, clean up the property, stop the “very expensive polluting chemical spraying” of the air and land and end the air pollution at the same time?

What a Concept?

Smelly Landfills/Sewers


September 18, 2015 / sachemspeaks

Nancy Alvarez WFTV reported on this today also?


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