Rick Scott introduces $1Bil Tax Cut Package



November 5, 2015

Governor Rick Scott to tour Brevard county in Melbourne, Florida

Time for all Floridians to think, build your own small business.

No matter the reason for the governors change of mind,

this is our chance to own a business?

No matter who is now feeding his pocketbook,

you should also jump on the bandwagon while it is rolling around the state?

And for CEO’s of companies to build their own factories and home grown manufacturing, using of course, new and improved alternative energy and building alternative energy products.

On Thursday, Governor Rick Scott announced that he is proposing $1 billion in tax cuts to grow the manufacturing industry and Florida’s small businesses aimed at diversifying the economy and guard Florida against another economic downturn.

Governor Scott’s $1 billion tax cut package includes permanently eliminating income tax on manufacturing and retail businesses ($770 million dollar savings) permanently eliminating the tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment cutting the tax on commercial leases and extending the sales tax exemption on college textbooks, while preserving sales tax holidays.

“By eliminating the tax on business income for Florida manufacturers – big and small, and all Florida retailers, which include many small businesses all across the state, we are putting job creators on the road to success for years to come.” said Scott “I want Florida to be the small business capital of the world.

Our state is already home to 500,000 small businesses.

The more we can cut taxes – like the one on commercial lease – the more we can grow our small businesses in Florida and further diversify our economy to invest in our future.”



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