525th Eagle saved by the Audubon Society

Florida is a state in the United States of America,

Not in Canada!


The Audubon center for birds of prey just released its 525th Eagle in the wild of Orange County Florida,

Or what is left of the wild for wildlife?

The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey released its 525th rehabilitated bald eagle on Wednesday.


Rehabilitated bald eagle released


Crooked is as Crooked was, at least in Florida?

State Attorney General Pam Bondi is shown releasing the bird,


Pam Bondi has been working on destroying the wildlife and the environment every day since this governor dropped her into the office and now she s trying to take credit from the Audubon center for birds of prey, by getting into the picture, how despicable!


Also today!

A Canadian Billionaire just got permission, or bought the ST.J.R.M.D,

and now taxpayers must pay for the water,

220 gallons a day, for each of the cattle, out of the Silver Springs State Park Aquifer

and he has

thousands of his cattle on this ranch,

plus the attorney fees and the outside consultants hired by the

(ST. Johns River Management District Counsel)

for his right to steal water from the citizens on Florida!



A state in the United States of America, not in Canada!


Tell me that this is not fishy?

So many Crooked People in Crooked Florida are doing so many

Crooked Things every day that the citizens of Florida cannot keep up with so many

Crooked Back Door Agreements!

Notice that this all started the day after Rick Scott ‘bought the Governor’s Office’

and then

plopped Pam bondi in the States Attorney Generals Chair?


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