Electric vehicles affordable by 2022 as a 2012 gasoline vehicle

Today, the Energy Department is welcoming the Department of Transportation (DOT) as a partner in its Workplace Charging Challenge, which aims to make workplace charging for plug-in electric vehicles available to employees across the country.


The Workplace Charging Challenge also supports President Obama’s EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, which will enable the United States to produce plug-in electric vehicles that are as affordable for the average American family by 2022 as a 2012 baseline gasoline-powered vehicle.


The Department of Transportation is the first federal agency to commit to the Workplace Charging Challenge, joining more than 240 U.S. employers committed to providing PEV charging access to more than 1 million workers at hundreds of worksites around the country.

The Workplace Charging Challenge and EV Everywhere Grand Challenge are supported by the Vehicle Technologies Office in the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.



2 thoughts on “Electric vehicles affordable by 2022 as a 2012 gasoline vehicle

  1. Until electric cars are affordable for the average person, they will not become as prolific as gas-powered vehicles. I was thinking out loud about used vehicles and wondering how long that will take – three or five years? We usually hang onto our cars until they stop running. 🙂


    • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez
      Remember that Electric Cars have or will have far less movable parts and run a lot less hot so the car giving half a chance should last much, much longer.
      Because of this they also should cost a lot less!

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