Orlando (The City Beautiful)?

Yes, I have been posting about this a number of times and expect,

“God Willing”,

to write many more times?

Orlando has been building, building, building and still disposing of its household and human waste as did the first humans,

Adam and Eve?

Every Floridian is now very familiar with the words

“Eminent Domain!”


Remember, you and I can fix this problem without any more, thousands of dollars, dumped into any more investigations!

Research has demonstrated that sewage actually contains 10 times the energy needed to treat it,

and it is technically feasible to recover energy from sludge.

As renewable energy, it can be directly used for wastewater treatment, reducing the facility’s dependency on conventional electricity.


The greater the quantity of energy produced by the industry, the more the industry can help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


Build one modern plant to remove everything from every town and city within 50 to 60 miles,

Without Smells and Mess!”

trash to energyy

Orange county Florida Landfill smelling!

Last year the town officials were putting ‘China Drywall’ into the landfill with the household trash and the chemical mix was killing off the Bacteria that dissolves the trash.

Today we found that the same officials are allowing the dumping of sludge waste (human waste) into the landfill?

Neighbor David Payne believes that the landfill smell has been ongoing for 5 to 10 years!

How would you like to live next to this town landfill?

Orange County landfill smell costly to correct


News channel 13 and WFTV, channel 9



9 Investigates: Orange County landfill missed signs that landfill plan would lead to smell

Orange County dumped drywall in a landfill and 9 Investigates found a report that shows leaders should’ve known it would cause a horrible smell.


Orange County landfill smell costly to correct

29/10/2015 03:06:00

An off-putting smell being reported by neighbors who live near the Orange County landfill is a costly problem for county leaders.

Complaints are coming in as far as 5 miles away from the landfill, which is located off Young Pine Road near State Road 417.



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