Meryl Streep’s Tribute to Hillary Clinton

Meryl Streep speaks I listen.


Women in the World 2012: Meryl Streep’s Tribute to Hillary Clinton


Aurora DeAngelis

How come the press isn’t mentioning all of these accomplishments? Meryl is completely right, Hillary Clinton has devoted the largest part of her life to the fight of justice for those who are less fortunate and privileged. But when it comes to elections all everyone seems to be talking about is either her looks or how she’s “a liar”. I mean, come on, there are are factual accomplishments she has made Sean hellems

This sums it all up: Women all over the world have stood up and given accounts of how Hillary has helped them. “And all weekend long, women from all over the world said the same thing: I’m alive because she came to my village, put her arm around me, and had a photograph taken together. I’m alive because she went on our local TV and talked about my work, and now they’re afraid to kill me. I’m alive because she came to my country and she talked to our leaders, because I heard her speak, because I read about her. I’m here today because of that, because of those stores. I didn’t know about this. I never knew any of it. And I think everybody should know. This hidden history Hillary has, the story of her parallel agenda, the shadow diplomacy unheralded, uncelebrated, careful, constant work on behalf of women and girls that she has always conducted alongside everything else a first lady, a senator, and now Secretary of State is obliged to do. And it deserves to be amplified.”

in her life. Why not for once value them? I seriously don’t get US politics and media. They seem to be SO incredibly inhumane and purely based on entertainment. Either way Hillary has made all the difference for all those people, women and children in need. And for that I am forever grateful, as are they.

Barbara Cresse

Hillary has spent her entire life developing her voice and her abilities. Working for all people especially women and children. She is clearly the most uplifted qualified candidate

tamara andre1 week ago

+Molly Darnell Did you actually watch what Meryl Streep said? If you have to ask what about Hillary’s life is an inspiration, you most likely would not understand the answer. If you’ve ever read the truth about Hillary, what she has PRIVATELY done for people without ever asking for or receiving credit, and yet you are not impressed, then PLEASE tell us all about your amazing life helping women and saving people’s lives all over the world. Clearly you have flown the world floating on angel wings and farting money to every dispossessed suffering soul who ever lived.


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