Orange County Landfill smelling (STILL)

Orange County Landfill smelling (STILL)


“Landfill odors are my No. 1 priority,”

said Orange County Solid Waste manager Jim Becker.

Well if this is true Mr. Becker, why has this smelly landfill situation been going on for years?


Thank God, I do not live close to this joke created by Florida’s government officials.


I bet dollars to donuts, that not one of those officials do either!

I have been writing about the only way out of this problem for every, town, county, city, state and country around the world.


Waste and trash to energy plants


“Pollute the world!”

How would you like to own a home in this part of the country and not be able to get away?

Because, who will be crazy enough to buy your home?

Bad smell from Orange County landfill lingers, not going away

March 12th 2016

Orange County officials are trying to deal with the smell coming from the landfill,

but it could take months. (John W. Davis, Staff)


ORLANDO — The stench grossing out residents in one area of east Orange County likely won’t be going away any time soon.

Dozens of neighbors gathered Wednesday night at the Orange County Utilities Administration Building to learn what the county is doing to prevent a stinky smell from the Orange County Landfill on Young Pine Road, near Curry Ford Road.

It’s a rotten egg scent that’s been reported more than 5 miles away from the garbage dump.

“It’s really a matter of which way the wind is blowing,” said Avalon Park resident Dave Payne.

It’s described as a lingering sulfur smell that seemingly comes out of nowhere in east Orange County, sometimes seeping into homes.

“Two nights ago since it was cool outside, we made the mistake of leaving our windows open so we could save on the air conditioning bill.

At three in the morning, I wasn’t sleeping so soundly and I could smell it, clear through 5 a.m.,” Payne explained.


Orange County landfill smell costly to correct

“Landfill odors are my No. 1 priority,” said Orange County Solid Waste manager Jim Becker.

The smell was pinpointed as hydrogen sulfide from the Orange County Landfill in the Summer of 2015.

County leaders started receiving complaints after they began mixing construction drywall with residential garbage at the landfill in the spring of 2013.

They’ve since stopped mixing construction and residential garbage but with a landfill the size of 72.5 football fields worth of trash, progress can be slow.

The plan is to put dirt on top of the smelly garbage, then cover it with another layer of garbage and then have collection pipes gather the hydrogen gas before it escapes into nearby neighborhoods.

At that point, a final cover will be placed over that portion of the landfill.

However, with more than a year of consistent complaints, homeowners are leery.

“Long term property values is a concern of ours here in east Orange County. Really that’s why all residents should be notified, not just the ones who complained,” Payne said.

“The people who live in Lake Nona, the people who live off the 528, the 417 cannot see the landfill, don’t know where it’s coming from,” Payne added.

Becker hopes to have to the smell gone by September 2016.

However, that’s not soon enough for neighbors, who have to live with the smell several times a week.


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