New Cows in town

Remember the post a few years ago about the E-coli outbreak in


a new Firehouse in town?

Know what Ecoli is?

August 26, 2014

Well the reason for the E-coli was

the thousands of cows in town for

about a hundred years.

Can you say,


“Here we go again?”



The person with the cows did the right thing, by law

, more or less,

and this family enjoys watching the newest neighbors across the street.


Breanna enjoys talking with them (Barking).

Even though the owners of the cows, fences were up months before the petition was placed in the papers, their neighbors had plenty of time to stop the cow progress.

Did nothing and these are the same Floridians that cry foul but never vote in an election!

Anyway, the thousands of cows have been gone since the building of the firehouse.

The new cow neighbors are downhill from our house, so we in this house do not care as long as their neighbors downhill from them, do not care.


The whole town is on wells and septic,

so I for one will never drink their water and I did warn them.


I treated our water years ago.


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