Leadership in Rooftop Unit Efficiency


Energy Department Recognizes Organizations for Leadership in Rooftop Unit Efficiency

April 26, 2016 – 12:00pm

As part of the Administration’s strategy to increase energy productivity and cut energy waste in our nation’s buildings,

today the U.S. Department of Energy recognized six organizations for their leadership in replacing and upgrading rooftop units as part of the Better Buildings Alliance Rooftop Unit Campaign (ARC).

Combined, these organizations in a single year have saved an estimated 1 trillion British thermal units (Btu)

or more than $11 million on utility costs with efficient rooftop unit (RTU) replacements, retrofits, and quality management and operations.

Since 2013, 250 ARC partners have upgraded 59,500 RTUs for a total energy savings of 10 trillion Btu, or $93 million in cost savings.

A building’s cooling and ventilating energy consumption can be reduced between 20–50% when aging equipment is replaced with high-efficiency units or retrofitted with advanced controls.

In fact, a building owner can save as much as $3,700 per RTU—equivalent to $6.7 billion and 670 trillion Btu annually.

The following organizations are being recognized this year for their innovative RTU management approaches that led to significant energy savings in commercial buildings:


What is the #1 Way to Save Money on Your Rooftop Unit? Fix it BEFORE it Breaks

February 16, 2016 – 4:50pm

It’s a common challenge in the deferred maintenance world of commercial buildings: rooftop units (RTUs) over 15 years old often provide reduced service and waste substantial energy and money. However, facility managers often wait for the RTUs to die a slow, expensive death or fail completely before replacing them. In many instances, proactively replacing inefficient and underperforming RTUs with high-efficiency units is a smart business move, especially when compared with replacement-on-failure or even with a like-for-like replacement at the end of an RTU’s useful service life.



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