The United States is a Free Country

Well, this is what I’ve been told everyday

for the six years that I was serving her?


Every year while in the school system,

United States history books were telling me the same thing.

The state of Florida is still a state in the United States of America,

I’ve been told.

So, as a veteran of this country, living in Florida

I cannot solar our house and get off the grid,

unless we still pay my utility company their going rate.



“Florida’s Government will take the house!”

You are reading this correctly,

in this free country,

if I build a solar system for the house,

it is against the law to dump Florida power companies.

What about all of those statements,

“you are fighting to keep America Free,”

were they just lies?

Or is it free for any business that pays their fair share to the Government of Florida?

Please read?

Want solar panels?

You still have to pay Florida utilities

Florida court rules off-the-grid living is illegal

a code enforcement officer tried to evict this lady from her home for living without utilities.

The city contends that Speronis violated the International Property Maintenance Code by relying on rain water instead of the city water system

and solar panels instead of the electric grid.





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