Florida can take your homes if?

Florida can take your homes if?

In this (Free Country),

the state of Florida and many others

can take your building at any time.

Because of this Florida State Congress,

that you keep voting into

“Power over You!”


If any Floridian wants to get off the

very expensive,


money guzzling,

Utility Controlled,

power Grid

The ‘Powers to be’

In the Florida Congress



will take your property!


The only way around this is to

First, change the laws.


Change the politicians

that make


keep the bad laws!


Rooftop Unit Efficiency


Why do I push ‘leaving the grid?

Back in the late 1980’s

I tried to get a Patten on a good workable energy plan.

Health and then family problems put a hold on that.


A good plan to think about

now that this government

is bringing the country back,

would be for a start

(New Home Building).

As long as you are building, buildings,

why not add solar panels to the roof,

ones that always follow the sun.

While you are at it


digging the ground for your new building,


why not dig a hole for a

(Hot-water storage tank)?

One more thing you might consider at the same time

is wiring the building for a solar transformer

to power as many appliances as possible

with your solar panels?

About the only thing that I can think of to not power with solar,

might be your Air Conditioners.


this might also be possible now?


They do make a 12 volt AC compressor.


If you added another tank

(top of tank 4′)

in the ground,


that holds water would be ground temperature

(about 55 degrees)

and believe it or not

this would cool your building.



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