Battered Beaches:


Matthew eroded nearly two million cubic feet of sand and dunes in a matter of hours. Estimates pieced together over the past four months indicate repairing that damage — replacing just the sand the hurricane eroded, not any previous critical erosion —

could cost nearly $50 million.

Another $32 million


may be spent to repair and protect State Road A1A north and south of Flagler Beach, not including an already planned federal project.

Restoring coastal erosion from Matthew could cost $50 million

Homes, motels, hotels and business that build along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean get what they deserve every year.


The taxpaying citizens pay for this every year!

The state of Florida, the towns along the coast of Florida and the Federal Government (FEMA), repair those beaches, roads and buildings, with our tax-money, every year!


only a small percentage of Floridians

were able to get any help

from, all of the above!



This is proof positive that humans


are helping fossil fuel


to destroy the ozone quicker than ever before.



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