America drops out of the Paris Agreement

The president the United States of America is on his knees to

Lucifer President of Russia —Vladimir Putin


He is not praying.


 Now will be joining Putin’s Demon Angels,

President of Syria – Bashar Hafez al-Assad


President of Nicaragua – Daniel Ortega

Minus 45/45/plus 45

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania President Hillary Clinton


West Virginia and Pittsburgh are changing over to natural gas from coal

Trumplethinskin (-45) President Hillary Clinton (45) Caesar, Marcus Brutus, Stephen Bannon (45+)

Just have to love


“Morning Joe!”

All Christian and most of the known world knows.


At least should by now know about the king’s dream in the book of Daniel in the Christian Bible?

Daniel 2:34

Anyone care to guess the next ‘world Power’ to fall in embarrassing disgrace?


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