How many days did it take for?

One Hundred and Sixty Days and he is still in Washington!
God Help Us All!
How many days did it take for?

President Tom Kirkman????
(Never mind he did not have this corrupt congress to deal with)!
How many days would it have taken,

President Hillary R. Clinton,

To move this country, forward?
How many women or should I be saying,

(animals, plants, fish, earth, and humans),

would be abused in 160 days?
How many hate tweets about everything would we see, read and/or hear about?
How many days have Trumplethinskin been in office
Even after 160 days as president, Trump has not changed his priorities or his sense of proportion when it comes to personal slights. He cannot help attacking his critics in the media, even if those attacks reflect negatively on him, distract attention away from his executive and legislative efforts, and threaten his legacy.
The “dignity of the office”
Does not seem to concern him.
He is distracted from immense responsibilities by personal grievances.
And he still believes it is acceptable to degrade women publicly based on their physical appearance.
My opinion about Mother Earth and her creations


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