Once again please, I am an expert on nothing.

As the new joke going around in the media and internet.

I am not a scientist!

However, I do know that when 95% of the scientist around the world agree on something, you can take that to the casinos as a safe bet!

And those scientist agree that we the “Humans” are polluting our air.

Just like our water, we only have so much breathable air with-in this planet and her atmosphere.

Keeping it simple.

We make carbon dioxide, tree and plants take in carbon dioxide and send out oxygen, we take in oxygen.

This worked really well for our ancestors, for our ancestors!

Along came the ‘Human Polluters and now we are not only losing our ability to breath, we are killing off our friends the trees and plants one hundred to a thousand times faster than they can reproduce!

There are no aliens out in space with spare new trees and oxygen and if by chance they are out there they are not going to give us their trees to pollute!



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