Do you plan to conquer your honey-do list

Energy EfficiencyThe Centsible Weekend DIY
Do you plan to conquer your honey-do list this weekend? Add these inexpensive, DIY tasks to save energy and reduce your monthly electric bill. Now that’s centsible.
1. Seal doors and windows: Remove old, cracked caulking from windows, and apply new caulking around the joints and frame. Replacing worn weather-stripping around exterior doors keeps cool air in, and hot air out.
2. Reduce phantom loads: TVs, DVRs, cable boxes and home computers use power when turned “off.” reports phantom load can cost an average household up to $100 a year. What to do? Use power strips with multiple plug-ins, and turn them off when electronics aren’t in use.
3. Stop the leaks: Repair leaky faucets and fixtures that are not only wasting water, but causing your well and, if the leaking water is hot, your water heater to cycle on more often.
4. Build an outdoor clothesline: On average, a clothes dryer costs $.40 to dry one load of laundry. Skip the dryer and air-dry one load of laundry a day, and save almost $150 a year.
5. Vacuum refrigerator coils: Once a year, vacuum away dirt and dust collected on your refrigerator coils to keep it running efficiently. Coils are located on the bottom or back of the appliance, and don’t forget to always unplug the refrigerator before servicing.
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Greener Grid – More Megawatts

SECO News, November 2017
November 01, 2017
Category: SECO News

 Duncan’s Digest

Greener Grid More Megawatts

SECO Energy’s mission statement and purpose is “To provide exceptional service to our members, co workers and communities.” The very foundation of that mission requires developing long-range energy supply plans for the future. Looking ahead, not-for-profit utilities like SECO Energy must adapt to the changing landscape of energy production,

while being prepared to deliver safe, reliable, low-cost power to current and future members.
In late September while many of us were still reeling from Hurricane Irma, SECO’s wholesale provider, Seminole Electric Cooperative, announced a five-year plan to build a new natural gas-fired generating plant at its current Seminole Generating Station (SGS) facility in Palatka. The plan includes Seminole’s intention to shutter one of its two coal-fired generating units at the SGS site and enter into agreements to purchase power from other facilities that use solar and natural gas resources.
A key element of Seminole’s new long-term plan is increasing the diversity of fuel sources in its energy portfolio and generating mix. The decision is supported by continued natural gas market stability and historically low prices. Seminole is adjusting to the market by shifting its fuel mix to increase natural gas-fired power generation. This portfolio shift allows Seminole to meet the demand for more megawatts and provide safe, reliable, affordable power to its members while investing in a greener grid.
Seminole has invested over $530 million in environmental controls at its SGS facility, making it one of the cleanest coal plants in the United States. Clean-burning coal is a reliable and affordable means to produce energy, and portions of Seminole’s coal-burning generating plant will remain in use. When the presidency changes hands every four or eight years, the nation faces the possibility of new, costly regulations and policy changes aimed directly at reducing America’s dependency on coal. Additional policies and regulations usher in new expenses that risk increased energy rates and higher bills for members. Reducing coal use, however, reduces carbon emissions.
Similar to a financial portfolio with its mix of stocks and funds, Seminole’s expansion of fuel sources minimizes future risk and offers stability to its member-owners, including SECO. As your local not-for-profit electric cooperative with an expanding member base, we must embrace forward thinking ways to meet demand. Under Seminole’s new long-term plan, SECO can ensure an adequate supply of quality, reliable, affordable power is available to meet the current and future needs of our growing area.

Peace on earth good well to all!

Jesus ancestors were Arabs (Syrian)

For starters, how many different churches call them self the Christian religion?
How many synagogues call them self Jews? Mind you Jacob had twelve sons.
Muslims are descended from Aram.
Why are we brothers and sisters always fighting and killing ourselves under the mask of our god?

Our God is the Creator of us all.

Let us all join together under our God?



The Hebrew word means Aramean and probably refers to Jacob (Israel), although it might go back to Abraham. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all had links with Aram-naharaim where the tribe of Terah lived. The term Aram appears in (Gen. 25:20; 28:5, 7; 31:20, 24). In (Gen. 22:21), a certain Aram is mentioned as the grandson of Nahor, Abrahams’s brother. Deuteronomy 26:5 “And thou shalt speak and say before the LORD thy God, A Syrian ready to perish [was] my father, and he went down into Egypt, and sojourned there with a few, and became there a nation, great, mighty, and populous:” “Thou shalt … say before the LORD thy God”: The offering of the firstfruits was to be accompanied by an elaborate confession of the Lords’ faithfulness in preserving Israel and bringing the people into the Land. The essential aspects of the worshiper’s coming to the sanctuary were the presentation of the firstfruits, bowing in worship, and rejoicing in the Lord’s goodness. In this manner, the visit to the sanctuary was a confession and acknowledgment of God. It was a time of praise and rejoicing because of God’s goodness and mercy extended to former generations and evidence of divine sustaining grace at that time. “A Syrian ready to perish”: This phrase referred to Jacob, who was each Israelite’s father or ancestor. When Jacob fled from his home in Beer-sheba he passed through Syria (Aram), to Mesopotamia (Gen. 24:10), to live with Laban his uncle. Returning from there, Jacob was overtaken by Laban after he came through Syria at the Jabbok River, where he not only faced the wrath of Laban but also that of Esau his brother. Later, the famine in Canaan necessitated his migration to Egypt. When the Israelites became populous and powerful, they were oppressed by the Egyptians, but it was God who responded to their prayers and miraculously delivered them out of Egypt. It was God who enabled them to enter and conquer the Land from which the firstfruits were presented before the altar. The “Syrian” referred to here is Jacob; “Aramean” is a better rendering of the Hebrew word. Jacob and his family were all from near Haran in ancient Aram. (Gen. 12:1-3; 24:1-10; Joshua 24:1-3). The perilous early years that Jacob’s family experienced in Canaan before they arrived in Egypt are summarized in this phrase: he was “ready to perish”. Eventually, the small family in Egypt would become “a nation great, mighty, and populous”. This is recognizing Jacob (Israel), as their forefather. He went into Egypt just a handful of people, and came out with millions. His reason for going to Egypt was the famine in his own land. God blessed him even in captivity, and he became a mighty nation.

Another important reminder for the People

The founders (Writers), of the Constitution of the United States of America, while forming this contract to the people of the country, signed on September 17th 1787.
Were being paid to
(Serve the People)!

The real plan from day one (was, is, and should always be).
Government of the People, for the People must always serve the People!
Today, the People serve our government.
Our forefathers did not write in
What has happened to the United States of America in the past 230 plus years?
State and federal house of representatives, senate and the courts
make billions of dollars by taking from the People to give to themselves
trade with (Big Business and other millionaire and/or billionaire)!
If you are not a millionaire or a billionaire or are willing to
drop to your knees at the drop of a few dollars,
you will never be able to
“help protect and serve the citizens of the United States of America”!
Trump focused in on that image of Roderick, asking her directly,
“excuse me, you dropped to your knees?”
From an episode of Celebrity Apprentice in 2013.
The Basics (For children to understand), just in-case someone from our government is reading?
The Constitution is the highest law in the United States.
All other laws come from the Constitution.
It says how the government works.
It creates the Presidency.
It creates the Congress.
It creates the Supreme Court.
Each state also has a constitution.
The constitutions of the states are their highest law for that state
the United States Constitution is higher.

What Wind Power Critics Who Cry ‘Bird’ Get Wrong

What Wind Power Critics Who Cry ‘Bird’ Get Wrong
A flock of Eurasian crane (Grus grus) flies close to a wind turbine in Germany. NICK UPTON/NATURE PICTURE LIBRARY/GETTY IMAGES
Wind energy is one of the most promising sources of renewable energy out there. Land-based wind farmsgenerate essentially no pollution and have more overall energy-producing and money-saving potential than solar farms. If wind energy has downsides, they are that the turbines cost a lot to build, and that they kill birds. Or at least that’s the story.
But how many birds do wind turbines really kill? And is it appreciably more than other sources of power? According to recent research, stats on the number of birds killed annually by collisions with giant, spinning wind turbines is either ambiguous or lower than one might imagine, given the fact that bird-killing is one of the top on the “Cons” side of the “Should We Build a Bunch of Wind Farms To Combat Climate Change?” pros-and-cons list.
One 2011 study found there’s really no telling how many birds are actually taken out by wind turbines, since bird mortalities seem to differ so much between wind farms — suggesting that the location of the farms might have more to do with how many birds they kill than the fact of the turbines themselves. The study examined bird data for various sites before and after the construction of the facilities, and found a weak relationship between how many birds they predicted would die as a result of the wind farm, and the actual mortalities.
A 2013 study found that bird mortality from wind turbines actually differs from place to place (at least in Canada, where the research was conducted) and between species, while a 2009 study found that although, sure, wind turbines might kill some flying vertebrates, the numbers couldn’t possibly hold a candle to the bird and bat fatalities caused by other forms of power generation. That study estimates that while U.S. wind farms were responsible for the deaths of about 7,000 birds in 2006, nuclear plants killed around 327,000 and fossil-fueled power plants 14.5 million. The researchers broke up the data proportionally, finding that while each gigawatt-hour (GWh) of energy produced by a wind farm was associated with 0.3 fatalities, about 5.2 birds would die at a fossil-fuel facility for the same amount of energy produced.

10 Incredible Wind Power Facts
Do wind turbines cause health problems?


How many days did it take for?

One Hundred and Sixty Days and he is still in Washington!
God Help Us All!
How many days did it take for?

President Tom Kirkman????
(Never mind he did not have this corrupt congress to deal with)!
How many days would it have taken,

President Hillary R. Clinton,

To move this country, forward?
How many women or should I be saying,

(animals, plants, fish, earth, and humans),

would be abused in 160 days?
How many hate tweets about everything would we see, read and/or hear about?
How many days have Trumplethinskin been in office
Even after 160 days as president, Trump has not changed his priorities or his sense of proportion when it comes to personal slights. He cannot help attacking his critics in the media, even if those attacks reflect negatively on him, distract attention away from his executive and legislative efforts, and threaten his legacy.
The “dignity of the office”
Does not seem to concern him.
He is distracted from immense responsibilities by personal grievances.
And he still believes it is acceptable to degrade women publicly based on their physical appearance.
My opinion about Mother Earth and her creations

America drops out of the Paris Agreement

The president the United States of America is on his knees to

Lucifer President of Russia —Vladimir Putin


He is not praying.


 Now will be joining Putin’s Demon Angels,

President of Syria – Bashar Hafez al-Assad


President of Nicaragua – Daniel Ortega

Minus 45/45/plus 45

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania President Hillary Clinton


West Virginia and Pittsburgh are changing over to natural gas from coal

Trumplethinskin (-45) President Hillary Clinton (45) Caesar, Marcus Brutus, Stephen Bannon (45+)

Just have to love


“Morning Joe!”

All Christian and most of the known world knows.


At least should by now know about the king’s dream in the book of Daniel in the Christian Bible?

Daniel 2:34

Anyone care to guess the next ‘world Power’ to fall in embarrassing disgrace?