Remember, speaking as an expert of nothing?

This our planet has only so much water, sea water, lake water, snow caps, left over glaciers and underground water.

You know the cycle as well as I, evaporation, to rain, to snow, to rivers, to streams, to ocean and so on.



Even the most stubborn critic must admit that we the humans are using a lot more water than our ancestors did?

There are a lot more of us now then when your ancestors walked the planet?

Where the problem comes in is the amount of water that we humans are wasting faster than our ancestors did.

Let’s take the water under Florida and many other states as well only I live here and at this point of time, I know more about our aquifers then yours.

We have two, one real polluted by nature and one running dry because of greedy selfish government officials and their sticky fingers.

When the second one runs dry in a few years we may and we may not be able to clean up the first one clean and/or fast enough for drinking and then it is only a matter of time before we run that one dry.

How long can you live without water?




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