Driverless Trucks?


The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs

By Gavin van Marle




Ryan Petersen has penned this rather brilliant post.

Honestly, are these guys actually trying to do us out of a job?

Don’t you have some freight to book instead?

In Tech Crunch recently,

on the future of a trucking industry dominated by autonomous vehicles.

It doesn’t look good for drivers;

it perhaps appears rosier for anyone concerned about

the driver shortage crisis both in Europe and the US.

There will be vast cost savings in salaries and diving costs,

because driverless trucks can operate around-the-clock;

are expected to be more fuel-efficient;

there will likely be fewer accidents;

and it goes a long way to solving the driver shortage crisis.

But this is a far more socially aware article than one might expect

from someone so steeped in Silicon Valley mores.

Drivers make up 1% of the US workforce,

and effectively annulling those jobs over the course of a few years

could have a cataclysmic impact on large sections of the economy.



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